Auto-ID Lab. Japan

Welcome to Auto-ID Lab.Japan!

Auto-ID Laboratory, established in 1999 at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), is an international nonprofit research organization aiming at the research and development, utilization and standardization of cutting-edge automatic recognition technology. The activities of Auto-ID Laboratory are supported by various people and organizations starting with the UCC, (Uniform Code Council), a standardization association, the EAN, (European Article Number International), to groups of researchers and engineers in miscellaneous fields from countries all over the world and over a hundred leading organizations.

Our research bases in Japan are focusing on the research and development of architecture for the construction of Auto-ID systems on the Internet. Our domestic activities are operated and promoted by The Distribution Systems Research Institute, the EPCglobal representative in Japan, while the Keio University acting as Auto-ID laboratory Japan, a base for advanced research, is making substantial contributions particularly in the area of Internet technology.