Jin Mitsugi (三次 仁)

Professor, Faculty of Environment and Information Studies, Keio University
Associate Director, Auto-ID Labratory Japan
5322 Endo Fujisawa-shi Kanagawa-ken 232-0882, Japan
Email: mitsugi@keio.jp
Telephone : +81-3-3516-0620


  • 1985 Nagoya University, Aerospace Engineering Department BS
  • 1987 Tokyo University, Graduate School of Aerospace Engineering Department MS
  • 1991 Colorado University, Graduate School of Aerospace Engineering Department
  • 1996 Tokyo University Graduate School of Aerospace Engineering Department, Ph.D

Work experiences

  • 1987 Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Company, Radio Systems Laboratory Satellite Communication System Department
  • 2004 NTT Communications, Research Faculty in Keio University Graduate School of Media and Governance
  • 2008 Associate Professor, Faculty of Environment and Information Studies, Keio University
  • 2016 Professor, Faculty of Environment and Information Studies, Keio University

Academic Services

  • Professional Memberships: IEEE, IEICE, JSME
  • Associate Editor, IEEE Internet of Things Journal (2016-)
  • Associate Editor, IEEE Transactions on Automation Science and Engineering (2016-)
  • Associate Editor, IEEE Journal of RFID (2017-)
  • Associate Editor, IEEE Virtual Journal of RFID(2013-)
  • Chairman, Japan Ministry of internal affairs and information, UHF RFID system working group (2015~2018)
  • Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency, external researcher(2011-2014)
  • IEICE APCC 2015,(Kyoto) General Secretary
  • IEEE Internet of Things 2015, (Seoul Korea) TPC co-chair
  • IEEE Transactions of Automation Science, Special Issue on Internet of Things, Associate Editor (2016)
  • IEEE RFID-TA 2015 (Tokyo) TPC co-chair
  • IEEE RFID 2015 (San Diego) TPC Track Chair
  • IEEE RFID 2014, Technical Program Sensors Track Chair
  • Internet of Things 2010, Technical Program Co-Chair
  • IEEE RFID 2010 Communications Protocol Track Chair
  • IEEE Wireless Communication Magazine Guest Editor for Special Issue for Internet of Things


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